colorDNA has created a human colour classification system, with personalised colour expressions.  

The system is a journal of human colour diversity.

It demonstrates the diversity of the human race and discovers what intuitive colour awareness means.

The system confirms how many underlying skin, hair and eye pigmentation colours humans have, and how human pigmentation is separated and classified, using conventional colour theory.

In creating this blog, it has been our objective to try and display people from every continent and as many ethnicities and cultures as possible, highlighting the true colour diversity of mankind.  

colorDNA challenges the use of the terms black, white and coloured, as legitimate terms to describe human colouring.

The colorDNA system provides a personalised colour profile, including a comprehensive colour palette, enabling people to make more informed decisions about what colours to wear and surround themselves with.

Personal colour awareness will help reduce the amount of unworn clothing and clothing wastage across the globe.

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