About colorDNA

colorDNA was started in 2008 by Andrew Dalgleish who designed an algorithm to digitally match clothing to the personal characteristics and requirements of the consumer. In September 2015 a patent was granted. 

In 2011 the colour component of ‘the item recommendation system’ was isolated and the research, writing and development of a human colour system begun. 

In 2012 the Australian Federal Government recognised Andrew’s research into creating human colour palettes, human profiles, and a human colour analysis, as a scientific process, awarding his company an annual R&D tax grant – which continues today.

Through this time Andrew and the colorDNA team developed a three-dimensional range of full spectrum human colour palettes and profiles, and a digital human colour analysis. 

These assets were created and used in conjunction with the ‘Color Me Beautiful’ 12 season, colour theory. 

After approximately eight years of trying to amalgamate the colorDNA assets into the seasonal colour theory system, Andrew found only certain processes of the seasonal theory had a scientific basis. He concluded a new human colour system needed to be created. 

In the process of researching and developing the colorDNA system, innovative and exciting discoveries, developments and processes were created. 

Andrew used the structure of his colour palettes, applied the principles of scientific colour theory and together with several human genetic principles, developed the colorDNA system. 

The new human colour system, separates, classifies, and matches individual human colour characteristics, and combines the results to produce a personalised colour identity, described as one’s ‘Colour Expression’.  

Andrew would also like to use the colorDNA system to help change the false narrative and innate perception which exists around the colour of humans. ‘All people are people of colour’, not just people with a medium to dark colour expression. 

Using the terms 'black' and 'white' to describe the lightness and darkness of people is based on ideas, not facts, given black and white are not colours and all humans have colour.

With a unique colour expression, a person can understand and use their own natural colouring in conjunction with the colorDNA theories and innovations to help discover and develop the colours and combinations, which provide balance and harmony or discord, with their colour characteristics.

The colorDNA system will help people in the home, online or in-store, to coordinate, match or purchase a wide range of the right coloured clothing, accessories, and make-up, which will make people look their best and as one with colour. 

Providing a set of tools to help people determine what colours are right for them, will help reduce the current massive global problem, of clothing over-supply and wastage.

Through improved customer data insights and direct business to consumer channels, retailers and manufacturers can design, produce, buy and sell more efficiently.